Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Food Savings: Sign up First for Pot Lucks

Grocery bills can be huge over the holidays, as we stock up on treats and comfort foods, as well as special dishes for entertaining in our homes or bringing to potluck meals.  This week I'll focus on ideas for food savings. Today is the second post in this series.

If your workplace, family, sports team, or friend is hosting a pot luck where guests are asked to sign up with what dish they intend to bring, be among the first to sign up.  This way, you can choose to bring an item which you know you can make with ingredients you already have in your home, or that are inexpensive, or that you know you can get for a great price with a current sale and/or coupon.  

Some potlucks offer the opportunity to sign up to bring napkins, paper plates, etc and this can also be a good option to select if you know you can acquire them at a significant savings.

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