Saturday, 8 December 2012

Food Savings: Buy on Sale

Grocery bills can be huge over the holidays, as we stock up on treats and comfort foods, as well as special dishes for entertaining in our homes or bringing to potluck meals.  This week I'll focus on ideas for food savings. Today is the fifth post in this series.

It's pretty obvious that buying something on sale saves you money.  But how do you make the most of sale prices?  Here are a few tips:

Know your prices.  The sale price at one store might still be higher than the regular price at another store.  Also, some "sales" appear great, until you look more closely at the shelf tag and realise that the "sale" is only a savings of 10 cents on a $5 item!

Watch the flyers.  Read through the flyers when they arrive at your door (or check the online versions) and see where the best sales are for the week.  You may decide either to do your shop at the store that offers you the best savings, or to stop at several locations, or to go to a grocery store that will allow you to price match the advertised sales at any other store (Walmart, and Real Canadian Superstore are the best for price matching).

Use  It's a website which allows you to input a keyword for a product you're looking for, and it will list for you all the stores which currently have that product on sale, the sale price, and the duration of the sale.  It is an Ottawa-based company and includes all major stores in Ontario.  It's excellent if you have made your grocery list and want to just do a quick search to see if there are any good sales for items you need.

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